stj-150x150St. John’s was established in 1892 and moved to its present site in 1994 above the local library. It can seat more than one hundred people.  Its good modern facilities make it attractive to other organisations. It is centrally placed in Stranraer at the site of a proposed redevelopment area (since the  departure of the ferry terminal further up Lochryan).

Worship style is ‘middle of the road’ with Scottish Liturgies 1982  and 1970 and Morning Prayer from the Scottish Prayer book. Pastoral ministers assist the priest.

Members enjoy their regular forms of worship as well as a collaborative ministry which has been developed, and pastoral ministers assist the Rector at services and by visiting members of the congregation in their homes. Others take responsibility for selecting hymns and producing rotas for readers, intercessors, welcomers etc. The Editor reports these in our monthly magazine.

Our worship reflects that of a forward-looking congregation and our style includes the modern as well as the traditional forms of language in our services. Membership has evolved from incomers to the area (often of the Anglican tradition) and some local people. Some members travel long distances to attend.

Everyone has ‘a job’ in the church. We worship with reverence in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. We have two organists.

We are keen to promote ecumenical links and have some shared services. We enjoy our monthly social Fellowship evenings and invite other churches to join us. We attend the local nursing home to hold a service twice a year. We are a Free Trade church.

We have received some financial support in the past but have been able to provide adequately for our present needs. We receive donations for the use of the hall.

For our future mission, we wish to continue our present growth, develop and have an impact on the community, becoming more “outward-looking” through education.

There are two main regular services weekly: Holy Communion is celebrated at 11.00am on Thursdays and Sundays.

To find out more about St John’s, visit its website: or visit their Facebook page:

Here is St John’s latest newsletter:ChurchNews-143 March 2020(P)


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